What is an RSS feed?

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rss32x32.png RSS is a way for websites to "feed" you new content (news, products, etc) as it appears on their site.

If you have ever watched a webpage, reloading to see if anything new comes up, you definitely want to give this a try, it's soooo much easier and it's available almost everywhere.

Getting started

While there are many ways to use RSS, one of the best is also free and easy to setup. Follow these steps to use "Google Reader"

1.) If you don't already have a Google account, click here to sign up for one.

2.) Once you have a Google account, click here to open Google Reader.

3.) Keep an eye out for the 04.png icon on websites you visit and click on it when you want to subscribe to their "feed".

Adding Feeds to Google Reader

While you can always manually add a new feed to Google reader, some browsers make it easy to subscribe with a couple clicks. If all else fails, here is the manual method:

Adding a subscription manually

1.) Click on an RSS link


2.) Copy the "url" by selecting the address and typing CTRL-A and then CTRL-C


3.) Open Google Reader and click 'Add a Subscription' 


4.) Click inside the box and type CTRL-V and then ENTER


Useful tools for RSS

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