Getting Help with the Gbase Service

Things we'd be happy to help with:

  1. I'm having trouble doing something on the site.
  2. I need information about the Gbase service.
  3. I've got this great idea for how Gbase could be better.
  4. It just exploded, I swear, I barely touched it.

Things we can empathize with, but may lack solutions for:

  1. The neighbors dog is looking at me "all amorous like".
  2. My car is parked under 300 feet of rebaked beans
  3. Where the heck is my Smith's t-shirt? It was right here!

For either, just "Submit a Request" using the link at the top of the page and we are on it!


Getting Information about Gear or a Dealer 

  1. You can contact a Dealer by clicking this button on any store or gear page


See How the Servers are Doing

  1. Click here to go to the status page -



Thanks for using Gbase, you rock

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